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Providing program evaluation and data analysis to health, human services, and criminal justiceorganizations since 1987.

Evalustat is Located in downtown Chicago. For over 20 years, we have consulted with state agencies, community-based organizations, and individuals in need of assistance designing or conducting program evaluations, statistical analysis, Internet survey design and sampling, developing management reports for quality assurance and program monitoring, and advising on improving data collection systems. We also specialize in writing evaluation sections for proposals as well as offering technical editing for proposals, dissertations, reports, and academic papers. Our content areas of specialization include health care, mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention, HIV-related care and prevention, and treatment programs within criminal justice systems. We have provided our services to individuals/organizations as far away as Spain and England as well as throughout the continental United States.




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Our Expertise

Program Evaluation

Assessing how well a program functions and whether it is achieving the desired results or reaching the intended population are critical issues for any organization. We can evaluate your program(s) to assess service provision and key outcomes to help you improve services and achieve optimum outcomes.  

Proposal Development

Many organizations in the public service sector do not have an internal evaluation department or research staff. This is an issue when applying for funding that requires program evaluation conducted by a skilled evaluator with a demonstrated record of success. We help your organization develop a tailored and sophisticated evaluation design that improves your chances of being funded. 


Making sense of data can be daunting. We are experienced in analyzing data using the most appropriate and cutting-edge statistical methods. Most people are not statisticians, however, and want their information presented simply and comprehensibly. We excel in explaining results, no matter the complexity, so they are easily understood and useful in a practical way.

Screening Instrument DesigN

Providing the right services and reaching your target population starts with accurate screening and assessment. We can review, evaluate, and optimize your current screening and assessment tools and procedures to obtain the most accurate results in the shortest time. 


Survey Design

The Internet has made it possible to quickly conduct surveys with broad reach. However, the usefulness of a survey depends on how well questions are constructed and sequenced to obtain the information you need as well as a high response rate. We are skilled in the  construction of Internet surveys both complex and simple and in deployment and analysis of the information obtained.


Needs Assessment

What services do your clients most need? Whether your a long-established program or start-up, determining the optimum service mix is always an important consideration. We can conduct interviews, focus groups, and surveys to provide detailed information on what services best meet the needs for your client base. 



It is the mark of a truly intelligent person to be moved by statistics.
— George Bernard Shaw


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